Christmas Posts 2019 part 2

There is the theory of six degrees of separation, which suggests that is how far we may be separated from another human being. There is also the theory that around Edinburgh it’s about two degrees of separation. When Frightened Rabbit’s frontman Scott Hutchison took his own life last year, there were many people that I knew who did know him, and the impact on the music scene here in Scotland was felt very deeply. In his memory his family set up the Tiny Changes charity, which you can find about here.

‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop’ was first released in 2007, and then again the following year. There are several versions floating around on the net, so give these two a listen, and remember the work of a great musician.

…and the ‘choir’ version, very evocative.

Album Review – Laurie Cameron

Laurie Cameron -‘The Girl Who Cried For The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ (Glencoe Records)

This gorgeous album was one I was tipped off about by Kevin Buckle at Avalanche Records in Edinburgh. First of all, credit, where credit’s due; it’s a brilliant album. (And it’s great to see that at this point in musical history, record shops are still supporting independent artists.)

I don’t know a lot about Laurie Cameron – so I came to this album pretty much at face value. At points in the past I have had singer-songwriter fatigue, and yet a record like this forgives all sins committed under that banner. She hails from Perth, has supported the likes of Roddy Woomble and Frightened Rabbit (Frabbits’ Andy Monaghan contributes synth here) and with musical partner Ross Lorimer she has made one of the standout records of the year. Slightly folky, beautifully orchestrated and understated in the best possible way.

I drove home tonight to 17 Seconds Towers, alone in the car. I had this album on again, and was stunned once again by its’ beauty. The festival’s pretty well over and autumn’s on the way. Standout tracks like her version of Rabbie Burns’ The Slave’s Lament,’ ‘Rest and be thankful’ and the stunning title track are going to be the soundtrack to my autumn. And they should be to yours, too.


The Girl Who Cried For The Boy Who Cried Wolf is out now on Glencoe.

17 Seconds Christmas Posts 2014 part 8

Whilst I still think they should be bigger than they are, it is, nevertheless, rather satisfying to see just how the profile of Frightened Rabbit has grown over the years since this blog started. I can’t take any credit for that, obviously, but today’s Christmas post is their Christmas single ‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop.’

Originally released in 2007, it got a re-recording a year later and it’s still available on download services. So if you haven’t treated yourself, go and do so!

Stanley Odd on Scottish Independence

In less than two weeks’ time (September 18) Scotland will hold a referendum on Independence. Trying to get unbiased and balanced views from either side has become difficult in Scotland, and whatever happens on that date, you can bet your bottom dollar that the shouting, posturing and hand-wringing will not be over.

I’ve long championed Edinburgh Hip-hop act Stanley Odd on these pages (and you can read an interview with them here. They have recorded a new song (with an awesome take on the notion of a lyric video) entitled ‘Son I Voted Yes.

Stanley Odd will join an awesome lineup that includes the likes of 17 Seconds favourites including Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Frightened Rabbit at ‘A Night For Scotland’ which takes place at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on September 14. Tickets for that event have been selling like hot cakes, but it may be worth trying…

Stanley Odd are touring in November, too:

Sat 15th Nov – Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree
Fri 21st Nov – Edinburgh, Liquid Room
Tue 25th Nov – London, Barfly
Fri 28th Nov – Inverness, Ironworks
Sat 13th Dec – Glasgow, The Garage
Oh, and if anyone asks me why I haven’t featured a ‘no’ event or songs on here – I haven’t been sent any.

Frightened Rabbit are Dead Now


Nah, not really, it’s the title of a track doing the rounds from their forthcoming fourth album Pedestrian Verse.

The tracklisting for the album, released on February 4 is:

Acts Of Man
Backyard Skulls
The Woodpile
Late March, Death March
December’s Traditions
Housing (in)
Dead Now
State Hospital
Nitrous Gas
Housing (out)
The Oil Slick

Their last release State Hospital EP was awesome…if you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below:

The Return of Frightened Rabbit


Currently working on their fourth LP, Frightened Rabbit are to release a new five track EP next month on September 24.
Entitled the State Hospital EP, the tracklisting is as follows:

‘State Hospital’
‘Boxing Night’
‘Home From War’
‘Wedding Gloves.’

Having collaborated with Camera Obscura singer Tracyanne Campbell on last year’s ‘Fuck This Place’ on the Frightened Rabbit EP, ‘Wedding Gloves’ features Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap fame.

The band’s fourth album will feature ‘State Hospital’ though the band say all the songs were considered for the album at some point.

The video for the song is quite harrowing, though beautiful at the same time.

Gig review – Frightened Rabbit/Augustines/Fatherson

Frightened Rabbit/Augustines/Fatherson

HMV Picturehouse Edinburgh, February 10

It’s been a long wait for yours truly to see Frightened Rabbit. I’ve enjoyed their music for many years – and yet somehow the chance to see them has eluded me. To the extent that earlier on in the day of this gig, I had been drafted to help out at Avalanche Records in Edinburgh where the band were doing an instore -and I had to leave before they arrived.

First up tonight on the bill (and at a gig that’s full to the rafters, by the way) are Fatherson. Fatherson are equal parts ninties grunge, scots indie and epic folk. Whilst I can’t quite catch the song titles, it doesn’t matter – they win me over and I’m eager to see the Kilmarnock band again soon.

The Augustines seem to be in thrall to U2 circa The Joshua Tree. Very passionate performance and all, yet bordering on being overwrought. One song sounds like The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ meets The Cure’s ‘Grinding Halt’ without much of the greatness of either. They are well-received by the corwd though, so it’s possible that the joke may be on me…

By the time Frightened Rabbit come on, it’s not just me but pretty much the entire venue that’s ready to explode with anticipation. Early on in the set former single ‘Nothing Like You’ sets the tone. It’s now an anthem and the excitement can be felt even right at the back. As the Frabbits tear into ‘Old Old Fashioned’ it’s clear that whilst yours truly has failed to see them before tonight, this is a band who now inspire mass clap-and-singalongs, They won’t be playing venues this size for much longer. The set is drawn mainly from their last two studio albums, which have been seeping into the consciousness of their ever-growing legion of fans.

There’s no firm news on a fourth album yet, but the delight that occured when ‘Swim…’ became their first big breakthrough will be nothing compares to when this long-awaited release hits the shelves/download service of your choice. Towards the end of the set the band go off after an excellent ‘Love In A Hole’ with Scott returning to do a solo ‘Poke’ before the whole band rejoin him for ‘Good arms versus bad arms’ and ‘Loneliness In A Scream.’ We’re literally left wanting more as the house lights come on.

Scottish band most likely to do a Biffy Clyro in 2012? That’ll be the Frabbits, then.

A Frightened Rabbit EP by Frightened Rabbit

Christmas Posts 2011 #26


I’ve already posted some Frightened Rabbit Christmas contributions a few weeks ago, but they have finished a new Christmas song, literally in the last forty-eight hours and put it up to download called ‘Cheap Gold.’

In addition to the rather fine free EP that they have made available to downlaod for free from their website, it’s now the fourth song to appear from the Frabbits this year; they have written a new album so let’s hope that that will see the light of day in 2012.

In the meantime, enjoy this. It’s really very good indeed.

Frightened Rabbit – Cheap Gold by Frightened Rabbit

Christmas Posts 2011 #4


Happy St. Andrew’s Day. Today’s offering is from one of Scotland’s finest bands, Frightened Rabbit.

Their profile has steadily risen during the lifetime of this blog, so that three albums in they are now signed to a major and it looks like they will gp flaming massive in the next while.

Back in 2007 they released this as a Christmas single:

Frightened Rabbit-‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop.’ mp3

Frightened Rabbit -‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop (Choir version).’ mp3

The following year this version was released:

Frightened Rabbit -‘It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop (2008).’ mp3

This was a Christmas cover they recorded for a radio session:

Frightened Rabbit-‘Walking In The Air (Aled Jones cover, Live Session version).’ mp3

The first fruits of their new recorded work can be obtained by signing up for their EP here

The return of Frightened Rabbit


Having released three studio albums and one live album through Fat Cat, Frightened Rabbit have now signed to Atlantic.

Whilst a new album is (presumably ) on the way, the band have made a three track EP available for download from their website, which contains three awesome tracks ‘Scottish Winds’ ‘Fuck This Place’ and ‘The Work.’ Very nice it is too, and you can get it when you sign up at their website here. ‘Fuck This Place’ is my favourite on the EP, and it features vocals from none other than Traceyanne Campbell, frontperson of Camera Obscura.

It is also available on 10″ vuinyl, from a small number of independent record shops, including Avalanche, Rough Trade, Norman Records and Piccadilly Records. If you live in Scotland you should be supporting Avalanche anyway!

Stream it below then go and sign up!

A Frightened Rabbit EP by Frightened Rabbit