Not what I wanted to read, especially as I have long believed them to be one of the great hopes for scottish music. SOB!!!!:

An Announcement

Dear friends, fans and family –

We are sorry to announce that Come On Gang! have, with a lot of thought, decided to call it a day. We have had a fantastic time over the past three years and we’re so proud of everything we’ve achieved. The split was a hard decision to reach but it was the right one.

We remain great friends and are certainly going to be keeping in touch and letting each other, and you, know about our future musical plans, of which we have high hopes.

We will be holding a final gig on the 12th February 2011, in Pilrig Church, Leith Walk. This will also be the launch of our album. It’s going to be a corker of a gig – a little bittersweet yes, but lots of fun as well. We’ll tell you all the details in the coming weeks.

So, for all of you who have come to see us play, listened to us on the radio, written a review of a gig, taken pictures, given us a wee push in the right direction, let us stay on your sofa, or helped build our lovely relationships within the creative family of Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond –

thankyou and goodnight.

Come On Gang!

Come On Gang! -‘Fortune favours the brave.’ mp3 (no.20 in this year’s Festive Fifty)

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