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Kurt Vile (as opposed to Kurt Weill!) was one of those names that I had become increasingly aware of of the last few years, but his latest, forthcoming album, Smoke Ring For My Halo has already had a number of plays at and around 17 Seconds Towers.

While the phrase ‘singer-songwriter’ has become something which i have started to dread, Mr. Vile totally transcends the image of the average singer-songwriter. No anodyne, glossy mush; instead this is a collection of songs infused with his own spirit, which doffs its’ cap to folk, alt. country and even the blues, but without descending into the irritating cliches. Matador know exactly what they’re doing -and so does he.

He’s a pretty brilliant, unique talent. And while this is NOT my album review, I really wanted to bring it to your attention. Out on March 7 (March 8 if you’re US-based) here’s the two tracks that have been doing the rounds of the blogosphere for a while, but if you haven’t heard it, check it out now:

Kurt Vile -‘In My time.’ mp3

Kurt Vile -‘Jesus Fever.’ mp3

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