Album review – The Raincoats (re-issue)


Raincoats -‘Odyshape (re-issue).’ (WeThRee)

Having re-issued their seminal, eponymous debut on their own We ThRee label in 2009, the Raincoats now issue their sophomore album, now also celebrating its’ thirtieth anniversary.

It’s a very welcome re-appearance. Rather like with the Vaselines, there’s no doubt that the reason many people have picked up on them over the last twenty years is to do with the enthusiasm of a certain rock icon (clue: he died in 1994). And like with the Vaselines, patronage or not, it’s music that more people simple need to hear. The sheer ambition and scope of a track like ‘Shouting Out Loud’ as all the different facets mesh together. The tension of a song like ‘Only LOved At Night’ – which is reminiscent of their Rough Trade labelmates the Young Marble Giants.

There’s no doubt that the Raincoats’ music may appear cacophonous to the uninitiated.But the more you listen and take the time to appreciate, the more Odyshape reveals itself to be not just experimental but a very rewarding and enjoyable listen.

Like the debut, this is music that is deeply original music, thirty years on.It’s not polished and it’s all the better for it. While it may be less immediate on first hearing compared to the debut, ultimately Odyshape reveals itself to be the more rewarding listen.


The Raincoats re-release Odyshape on WeThree on September 12.

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