Presenting…Laura J Martin


Hailing from Liverpool, Laura J. Martin is a flute-playing, mandolin tottin, loops backed singer with some excellent ideas on display for all to hear. She lists artists as diverse as Wu-Tang Clan, Lalo Schifrin and David Bowie as influences. Her haunting style suggests that the inevitable comparisons to artists like Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Bjork are to be deserved, rather than derided for being too ‘obvious.’

She released her first single ‘Doki Doki’ back in 2008, and a number of singles have followed since then, including ‘The Hanging Tree’ ‘Spy’ and ‘Kiss By Good Night’ (sic). 2012 will see the release of her debut album The Hangman Tree, released on January 23 through Static Caravan. Check out these tracks for now…

Laura J. Martin ‘Doki Doki’

Laura J. Martin ‘The Hanging Tree’

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