The return of Santigold


Back in 2008 I was bigging up Santogold (as she was then) around this blog, and she was runner-up album of the year in 2008 on this blog (and did pretty well in quite a few other people’s polls too).

Anyway, after being way, way too quiet for far too long, she has returned! Santi White is now Santigold and she’s back with a new album, called Master Of My Make Believe. The first track to do the rounds is a track called ‘Big Mouth.’ THe animated video is awesome – and there may just possibly be a none-too-subtle dig at Lady Gaga here….

This rules, as far as I am concerned. Great to have her back -and I can’t wait to hear the album.

Follow this link to download the track for free (and legally)

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