the return of Santigold (part 2)


I’m seriously looking forward to Santigold’s forthcoming album Master Of My Believe. This track is the ‘official’ first single…

…but as you should hopefully be aware already, Santigold released a new track last month, entitled ‘Big Mouth’:

I’ve yet to find a tracklisting for this album, but these two tracks are seriously whetting my appetite. And they should be doing the same to you, too…

The return of Santigold


Back in 2008 I was bigging up Santogold (as she was then) around this blog, and she was runner-up album of the year in 2008 on this blog (and did pretty well in quite a few other people’s polls too).

Anyway, after being way, way too quiet for far too long, she has returned! Santi White is now Santigold and she’s back with a new album, called Master Of My Make Believe. The first track to do the rounds is a track called ‘Big Mouth.’ THe animated video is awesome – and there may just possibly be a none-too-subtle dig at Lady Gaga here….

This rules, as far as I am concerned. Great to have her back -and I can’t wait to hear the album.

Follow this link to download the track for free (and legally)