Album Review: Cuddly Shark


Cuddly Shark -‘The Road To Ugly.’ (Armellodie)

Following on from their self-titled debut, released back in 2009, ver three-piece Shark prepare to issue their sophomore album, having prefaced it with the Body Mass Index EP towards the end last year.

For my money, the two tracks from that EP that reappear here (‘Body Mass Index’ and ‘Overpriced’) are the strongest here, though I’ve got a soft spot for album opener ‘SPMG’ too. Rather like fellow Scots We Are The Physics, there’s a quirkiness to these two lads and lass, and an admirable sense of not taking themselves too seriously.

Several listens in, I have to say that I would be lying if I said that I was in love with the whole album. But there are some excellent tracks on offer here, and there are far worse ways of spending thirty-five minutes.


The Road To Ugly is released by Armellodie on January 28.

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