Presenting…Woman’s Hour


Another example of a tune I have picked up on as a result of that very old-fashioned method of finding out about new music, otherwise known as hearing about it on the radio.

This got played on Mary Ann Hobbs’ Breakfast Show on 6Music this morning. Even the lady herself admitted that details about the band were fairly scarce, but this much I can tell you (and you could probably find out for your good selves with not much time spent using Google).

They originally hail from Kendal in Cumbria (where Mrs. 17 Seconds also comes from) and are now based in London. They are a four piece, who formed in 2011. The band consists of siblings Fiona Jane (vocals) and William (guitar), along with Nick (bass) and Josh (keyboards). Their song’ Our Love Has No Rhythm’ is utterly lovely. They are supposed to be releasing a new 12″ single on Parlour Records this year.

Supposedly you can downlaod the single for free…I’m still trying to figure out how to do that…but I would happily buy it. You should, too.

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