Album Review: Call To Mind

Call To Mind The Winter Is White

Call To Mind -‘The Winter Is White’ (Olive Grove Records)

Right from the word go, even when all you could hear of Call To Mind was via their Myspace site (hey, every self-respecting act had a Myspace site in 2008!), it was clear that they had something special. Two years later, when they delivered their debut, self-titled EP, that promise was delivered. And now, six years after they first graced my attention, they deliver their debut album.

Olive Grove Records have delivered a lot of fine material over the past few years, but to my mind, this is their finest release so far. It’s beautiful, and it needs to be heard. Sure, comparisons of this Highland band to the likes of Sigur Ros and The National may seem obvious, but that’s high praise and utterly, totally deserved.

This is music to lose and find yourself in, a record to be played again and again. From the opening of ‘A Family Sketch’ to the last notes of album closer ‘Chemotherapy’ the five piece barely put a foot out of place. The press release says they have a love of Scotland’s outdoors -and strange as it may sound, that spills into the music.

If you still think that epic and ethereal are buzzwords for good, please check this out. And if you care about hearing great acts, make sure you buy this.


The Winter Is White is released on Olive Grove Records on April 14.

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