The return of The Libertines


It’s been eleven years – but the Libertines are back! All four members as we knew them and about to unleash their third album Anthems For Doomed Youth.

The album’s out on September 4 and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Barbarians
2. Gunga Din
3. Fame and Fortune
4. Anthem for Doomed Youth
5. Heart of the Matter
6. Belly of the Beast
7. Iceman
8. You’re My Waterloo
9. Fury of Chonburi
10. The Milkman’s Horse
11. Glasgow Coma Scale Blues
12. Dead for Love

The Bonus tracks are
1. Love on the Dole
2. Bucket Shop
3. Lust of the Libertines
4. 7 Deadly Sins

The first track to hear (not available to download yet as far as I can see) is the awesome ‘Gunga Din.’

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