A Christmas Perennial (or two)


These two tracks were collectively released together as a single called ‘Snow’ in late 1993. I’ve been kicking myself for not buying it ever since, though you can now find both of them on the From Lullabies To Violaine comps.

Are they classic Cocteaus tracks??? Perhaps not in the sense of anything off Treasure or Heaven Or Las Vegas, my favourite two Cocteaus LPs, but still pretty good, nonetheless.

Cocteau Twins -‘Frosty the Snowman.’ mp3

Cocteau Twins -‘Winter Wonderland.’ mp3

A Peel-related rummage

A very quick post tonight, but three tracks I have copied from the vinyl to the iPod for my listening pleasure, which I thought I would share:

Cocteau Twins -‘From The Flagstones.’ mp3 (1983 festive Fifty no.16)

Cocteau Twins -‘Peppermint Pig.’ mp3 (1983 Festive Fifty no.28)

Pavement -‘Summer Babe (Winter Version).’ mp3 (1991 Festive Fifty no.34, 1992 Festive Fifty no.37)

Oh, does anyone have a Pavement track called 1762? please let me know if you do!

Still Keeping It Peel

Bizarre confession time…

Like many bloggers (and indeed many non-bloggers), I own an iPod. And like many iPod owning folks, the concept of the Playlist on it has replaced the idea of making compilation tapes for yourself. Face it, takes less time, can be changed, not constrained by the time limitations, though ‘Nanny In Manhattan’ by the Lilys was a song that completed many side ones of C90s because it was very short.

No, the confession is that I’m currently in the process of assembling Playlists for all of John Peel’s Festive Fifties from 1976 to 2004.

Hell, I never said I was cool. But I’m not the only the devotee of Peel out there. It’s time consuming, but fun listening back to it all, as they gradually grow.

Much of it I have on CD and therefore on the iPod. But I’m now utilising the wedding gift of the USB turntable that Mrs. 17 Seconds and I got last year to start filling some of those gaps. Quite a few don’t seem to be on either iTunes or emusic either…

…So why not share some of those songs with you?

Their debut single from 1985, and the first of many entries they would have, from one of the years the festive Fifty was more than fifty songs long.

That Petrol Emotion -‘Keen.’ mp3(1985 Festive Fifty no.70)

Question for people with too much time on their hands; In the 1984 Festive Fifty, two three track singles had all of their tracks in the Festive Fift. One was the Cocteau Twins ‘The Spangle Maker’ -most famous track ‘Pearly Dewdrops’ drops (and I’m posting the other two tracks here)….but what was the other?

Cocteau Twins -‘The Spangle Maker.’ mp3 (1984 Festive Fifty no.4)

Cocteau Twins -‘Pepper-tree.’ mp3 (1984 Festive Fifty no.49)

Finally, the Soup Dragons, like a fair few other bands, had entries in the Festive Fifty only when they weren’t commercially successive. IMHO, this is a hundred times better than their cover of ‘I’m Free.’

Soup Dragons -‘Hang Ten!’ (1986 Festive Fifty no.17)

Finally, if you need more Festive Fifty fixes, try Fades In Slowly and Teenage Kicks

Oh, and to anyone who’s sent me music and wonders why I haven’t commented on it…please hold on, I’ll get there in time!

Peel Festive Fifty Favourites

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, there have been other, non-blog related matters to attend to.

Anyway, here are ten more tracks from John Peel’s Festive Fifty. As my bandwith has been exceeded on two Fileden accounts (glad people are enjoying sampling the music which I hope they will buy, but it would be nice if a few more of you left comments) these are via Mediafire.

Eggs -‘Government Administrator.’ mp3 (1993 Festive Fifty no.10)

New Order -‘Fine Time.’ mp3 (1988 Festive Fifty no.44)

The Flatmates -‘I Could Be In Heaven.’ mp3 (1986 Festive Fifty no.42)

Cocteau Twins -‘Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops.’ mp3 (1984 Festive Fifty no.2)

McCarthy -‘Should the Bible Be Banned?’ mp3 (1988 Festive Fifty no.38)

Sleeper -‘Delicious.’ mp3 (1994 Festive fifty no.20)

Camera Obscura -‘Eighties Fan.’ mp3 (2001 Festive Fifty no.8)

Pastels -‘Truck Train Tractor.’ mp3 (1986 Festive fifty no.23)

Billy Bragg -‘Levi Stubbs’ Tears.’ mp3 (1986 Festive Fifty no.24)

Wedding Present -‘Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft.’ mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.3)

Whilst here, I should mention that Teenage Kicks, a John Peel-related blog that is so essential I check it every day has done a couple of excellent posts (as usual but even more essential) relating to the Men That Couldn’t Hang and also folk music from 1977. Yes, 1977 the year of punk. Go check them out here.

Songs For Christmas XIII

Here are today’s contributions.

These two tracks, originally from their limited 1993 single Snow, are the Cocteau Twins’ takes on two Christmas Classics. They have already been hosted over at I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, but I thought I would share them here too:

Cocteau Twins -‘Frosty the Snowman.’ mp3

Cocteau Twins -‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland.’ mp3

…and because it’s nearly Christmas, why not the Jackson 5’s take on Frosty, too?

Jackson 5 -‘Frosty the Snowman.’ mp3

And, as ever, there will be more tomorrow…