Sorry for laughing

There are all sorts of signs that you’re getting older, ‘senior moments’ as they are now dubbed. As well as forgetting things, the other sign is that you hear youself sounding like your parents, or even your own teachers. Like a few kids I blew up for laughing today. Hey. I’ve waited a long time to find a way of dealing with the pent-up bitterness that builds up as youthful idealism turns sour. ‘Here’s a man who was hung on the expectation of plenty,’ as the Porter observes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Anyway, Josef K have put out an album called Entomology, which ties up their back catalogue (2004 Scritti Politti, 2005 Orange Juice, 2006 Josef K…who’s next for 2007 from the original mighty post-punkers? Fire Engines or Scars, I would hope.). This is slightly different from the version that poped up on Rough Trade ‘s Indie-Pop 1 compilation a couple of years back, with a slightly ‘dub’ feel.

That’s courtesy of the Domino record company’s US site (yup, legal!), where I also picked up this rather fantastic remix of the Junior Boys‘ The Equalizer, remixed by Morgan Geist

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Soothing sounds

Now I’m getting the hang of this! Trying to unwind and flicking through the stuff I have uploaded to my Ipod has reminded me that I really need to post this track to the blog, because as the second single of the former Pavement frontman’s eponymous debut in 2001, it was a sign that Stephen Malkmus could go on to do great things. This was one of my favourite songs of 2001, the year I moved to Scotland. I never forgot this, but I feel like I have re-discovered it again over the last week or so…

Stephen Malkmus -‘Jenny and the Ess-Dog.’ mp3

Smitten? Thought you might be…

from that Eponymous debut:

Stephen Malkmus -‘The Hook.’ mp3

from 2003’s Pig Lib

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks -‘(Do Not Feed The Oyster.’ mp3

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks -‘Us.’ mp3

and from last year’s Face The Truth:

Stephen Malkmus -‘Baby C’mon.’ mp3

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All three albums are worth owning, though I love the first the most perhaps. And obviously, check out Pavement and Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs’ band Preston school Of Industry. Maybe that might just be another post… : )

Ok-let’s try again

Well, I’m almost certain I have figured out what the hell I’m doing : )
It’s been a long day at the chalkface, but I think it’s time there was some music on the blog.
First up, Cold War Kids I know these guys have been all over the blogs recently, but this track is just kinda cool, so here goes:
If you like what you hear, try here for more Cold War Kids stuff on their own website.
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Christmas time already? Bah humbug!

Hmm. Not only am I trying to find enthusiasm for teaching the subject, but it seems the blogs have gone Christmas mad already.

Seriously, there are lots of wonderful posts on the subject, with links to some weird and wonderful music.

Alas, due to problems with the supposedly new and improved blogger, it is currently impossible to do links to other blogs. Grrr… When I get this fixed, I will update this – or if anyone can leave some advice, that would be great (CTRL+SHIFT +A is not working).

Anyway, may I point you in the direction of Something Old, Something New ( and Pogoagogo ( and Everbody cares, Everybody understands ( which have a lot of great stuff, that I am still trying to digest, amongst it all the new sufjan Stevens album, which consists of 5 CDs, but the bits I have heard sound great. apparently, he is well underway with the next few stages of his mission to do an album for all of his fifty states.

Hope all well with all my readers, wherever you may be…