…one of those days. No-one in particular, and I’m in the fortunate position of having a job I enjoy, just the sense of banging my head against a wall with frustration at the world.

Not since ‘The Word Girl’ by Scritti Politti had a record so angry been so sugar-coated, this hits the spot perfectly just now.

Another Sunny Day -‘You Should All Be Murdered.’ mp3

A the end of a long weekend


A great, if busy, few days! Feel like I need to get an early night…

This cover has had a lot of people enquiring about it, so for Liam from the Last Battle, here it is:

Teenage Fanclub -‘Like A Virgin (Madonna cover).’ mp3

..and as a bonus, Sonic Youth’s take on another Madonna classic:

Ciccone Youth -‘Into The Groove(y).’ mp3

Hope you have all had a great weekend…xx

Album Review -Kid Canaveral


Kid Canaveral -‘Shouting At Wildlife.’ (Straight To Video)

..and here it finally comes! Three years after their debut single ‘Smash Hits’ single arrived, and following a host of excellent singles (including the recent ‘You Only Went Out To get Drunk Last Night’, surely a contender for single of the year). Interviewing the band a few months ago, it was clear that this has taken its’ time, but that the end result is one that they’re pleased with, and justifiably so. And it’s not called Shooting At Wildlife as I misheard, initially (they’re vegans, apparently).

At the start of the year, album opener ‘Good Morning’ started doing the rounds and kept my appetite fully whetted until the review copy dropped into my inbox. It sets the tone for the album. Here are a band with an excellent way with a tune that invades your head and stays, very pleasantly indeed.

Kid Canaveral have understood that what makes an album are great songs that all stand on their own merits, that are individual and flow together. Here we have tweve distinct songs that showcase the band’s distinctive way with a tune. How many times over the last week I have found myself humming several of the tunes as I go about my daily work. What they also have shown that many bands would do to remember is that freshness is important, and that there is a difference between being anemic sounding stadium fodder and truly great indie-guitar-pop.

It’s been more than worth the wait, I’m already onto my third listening of the album today and that’s not uncommon. And regardless of how long the second album takes, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.


Shouting at Wildlife is released this Monday on Straight To Video. The launch night takes place tonight at Edinburgh’s Roxy Art House. This will feature live performances from Kid Canaveral, Come On Gang! and The Scottish Enlightenment with DJ sets from Cancel The Astronauts and Award Winning Blogger, Peenko.

Kid Canaveral -‘Good Morning.’ mp3

Kid Canaveral’s myspace

Beds are for sleepy people…


..Hmm, yes.

It’s been a quiet few days around this blog, which is not to say it’s been quiet round these parts.

On the contrary…I’ve been DJing the last two nights on the trot. Thursday night saw me DJing inbetween the bands at the Last Battle single launch at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar. An entirely scottish indie set which saw me play the likes of the Pastels, Peter Parker and Jesus H. Foxx, along with the Dirty Cuts and Aberfeldy. The night was not all about me (yes, ha ha) but saw sets from Jonnie Common, a solo set by Neil Pennycook of Meursault (fresh from Glastonbury!!!!) and the Last Battle themselves. And Neil and Bart from eagleowl helped out on the Last Battle’s set. So a great gig all round. Great sets all, the wee red was hotter than a sauna and absolutely packed. Added to which, the single has been played by Jim Gellatly (and featured in his podcast), Vic Galloway (and featured in his podcast) and also featured in the recent Song By Toad podcast. It will be available on iTunes etc.. from Monday. The Skinny have given it 4/5 which is the first decent review they have given anything on the label.

And yesterday I DJed at my friend Louisa’s birthday party, this time with a set featuring the likes of Madonna, The Killers and Outkast. Hadn’t DJed at Cabaret Voltaire for over a year, good fun to be back there!

Anyway, these two tracks are so gorgeous I have had them on repeat this morning. Enjoy…

The Rentals -‘Story Of A Thousand Seasons Past.’ mp3

The Rentals -‘Honey Life.’ mp3