It’s not Christmas yet, but…


…it’s getting closer.

And yes, I will do my annual Christmas posts on here.

One of the people who is doing a Christmas album is Rod Stewart, and I’m not really fussed. But another that I am most definitely excited about is Tracey Thorn’s Tinsel and Lights. It’s a mixture of modern and retro classics. If you’re wondering whether it will compare with Low’s Christmas album, well, one of the songs is a cover of Low’s ‘Taking Down The Tree’ which is a duet with none other than Green Gartside of Scritti Politti.

As anything even to do with the cold was eligible, one of the songs is her take on the White Stripes’ ‘In The Cold, Cold Night’ which was originally on their Elephant album, sung by Meg White. She also tackles ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell (which was originally on her album, Blue, and which still provokes debate forty years later about whether or not it is a Christmas song).

Bend your ears this way…

The return of Arran Arctic


I have written about Edinburgh’s Arran Arctic a couple of times in the past on this blog (in 2010 and in 2011, and it’s a pleasure to do so again.

The track that first bought him to my attention was ‘The Door’ which was in an electronica vein; he’s shortly about to release his new album Like Lovers, on November 18. The first track to do the rounds is a free track called ‘Covers’ which is reminiscent of much of the stuff that has come out on Fence. By his own admission, it’s a lot darker than his previous album In My Hands.


This is the ‘no budget DIY’ video [his words, not mine] for the track:

Hang on…


It’s been a busy week and I’m now feeling like death.

And to top it off, the wee man is unwell as well.

However, as you should be checking out great music, I would like to suggest you get your act together and hear the fine album Murmuration by Jo Mango. It’s out next week, so cast your ears this way to the single (choose your price, btw) ‘The Black Sun.’

She played Edinburgh last night but there are plenty of forthcoming dates in the UK:

3rd Nov – GLASGOW LAUNCH PARTY – with Adem and Admiral Fallow’s Louis Abbot – Glad Cafe, Shawlands, 7.30, £7.
7th Nov – ABERDEEN – with Foxhunting, Will Leatherbarrow, Jaimie Wren – Tunnels, 7.30, £6.
24th Nov – LONDON – with Band of Buriers – Union Chapel, 12noon, FREE.
26th Nov – PAISLEY – with Stevie Jackson, Karine Polwart and Davie Scott (Songwriters circle) – Brough Hall, Paisley.
1st Dec – GLASGOW – Shhhh! Festival with Gravenhurst, Wounded Knee, Emma Pollock etc – Platform, from 3pm, £15
14th Dec – GLASGOW – Olive Grove Records Christmas Party with Randolph’s Leap and the State Broadcasters, Glad Cafe, Shawlands, 7.30