The return of Arran Arctic


I have written about Edinburgh’s Arran Arctic a couple of times in the past on this blog (in 2010 and in 2011, and it’s a pleasure to do so again.

The track that first bought him to my attention was ‘The Door’ which was in an electronica vein; he’s shortly about to release his new album Like Lovers, on November 18. The first track to do the rounds is a free track called ‘Covers’ which is reminiscent of much of the stuff that has come out on Fence. By his own admission, it’s a lot darker than his previous album In My Hands.


This is the ‘no budget DIY’ video [his words, not mine] for the track:

More from Arran Arctic


Last year I wrote about Arran Arctic, who had just released a rather fabulous free track called ‘the Door’ which I played, along with other stuff, on my radio show on Fresh Air (should learn how to do podcasts sometime).

This is another gorgeous slice of dreamy pop from Arran (Arran Southall to his Mum), entitled ‘All That I Can Do.’

Arran Arctic -‘All That I Can Do.’ mp3

You can download more free music from Arran arctic at his website and see more videos, too.

His album In My Hands is scheduled to arrive next month. He’s not been well, so best wishes from us to you, Arran!

Presenting…Arran Arctic


Arran Arctic is one Arran Southall, who according to his myspace “sings, records, programs, produces and plays acoustic/electric guitar, violin, pedal organ, accordion, concertina, harpsichord, recorder, tin whistle, drums, percussion, metal pipe xylophone, wine glasses, piano and xeremia.”

An email from him dropped into my inbox after I last switched off my computer. So intrigued was I by the story of this young man (see his website for more) that I’ve played his free single at least three times already this morning. And it’s made my playlist for Thursday night’s show on the radio.

This is beautiful, haunting stuff to lose yourself in. Go and download these tracks -but you only have two weeks, as they will be replaced by a brand new single.

Arran Arctic -‘The Door.’ mp3

Arran Arctic -‘The Door (Beatoven remix).’ mp3

Arran Arctic website/Arran Arctic myspace