The return of Babyshambles…and Mr. Pete Doherty

For a little while maybe I did fall for my own mythology' ? Doherty

There are certain artists whose lives end up overshadowing their work, to the extent that people forget about what made them famous in the first place.

And let’s be honest, Pete Doherty’s life over the last decade or more has been more than just a little a bit like that. Yet there’s no doubt that songs like ‘What A Waster’ ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ ‘Killamangiro’ ‘Fuck Forever’ and perhaps my favourite ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ are awesome tunes.

Babyshambles will release their third album and first for six years Sequel To The Prequel on September 2. This is the first single from it ‘Nothing Comes To Nothing.’ It’s rather good…

Album Review: New Order


Yes, I am still here!

Yet again more problems – but am now up and running. Apparently the disk space for the account for the blog was full. Many thanks to those lovely people at EUKHost who helped me get sorted out.

I’m still not sure why the blog looks like this – but it makes a nice change. The blog celebrates 7 years on Monday (who’da thought etc..) and a wee overhaul is probably due. What I really want to do is set it up so that people can leave comments more easily and do it without spamming me…

I have still been listening to music, including the new live album from New Order.Check my review out over at God Is In The TV


Naked band

Another signing to the excellent Song, By Toad record label, Naked are an Edinburgh-based three piece consisting of Aggie, Alexander and Grant. According to the small blurb in the email “They met on the small Island of Fårö on the south-eastern coast of Sweden. Their music is a mix of sculptured guitar dissonance, R&B beats and traditional Gotlander vocals. Naked is about sound, pure and defenceless.”

Their debut single ‘Lie Follows Lie’ is out on July 22 on 7″ vinyl. I think it sounds rather fantastic, and they sound quite different from a lot of the other Song, By toad labelmates (this is meant as a compliment to all concerned).

There are a couple of launch nights: Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s (July 6 – yes! tonight! act, then!!) and July 18 at Old Blue Last, London.

Album Review: Phildel

Phildel_Book_Layout 1

Phildel -‘Disappearance Of The Girl’ (Decca)

Music isn’t made in a vacuum. It’s made in response to something, whether in response to or reaction against. Whilst singer-songwriters of both sexes and of whatever instrumentation can frequently be a turn-off, there’s really something beautiful and moving here.

According to the press release, Phildel’s step-father was a religious man who forbade music, so she came to know silence well, and discovered music at school during lunchtime (for such kids, it’s either there or the library), eventually breaking away from the household. It’s there when you glance at the album in the song titles alone: ‘Switchblade’ ‘Holes In Your Coffin’ ‘Funeral Bell’…no prisoners here.

And the end result is something really special. Normally phrases like ‘delicate’ and ‘unique’ ring alarm bells for me, but here, they really are accurate. And this is an artist who on this evidence deserves to be considered alongside the likes of Feist, Bat For Lashes and even Kate Bush, and a world away from the cloying coffee-table blandness that singer-songwriting so often is.


Disappearance Of The Girl is out now on Decca

Does there have to be a reason?

beatles 1967

Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is often -not without reason -described as being the first music video.

But is this not a music video, made by The Beatles for Strawberry Fields Forever in 1967, a mere eight years earlier?

Psychedelic as anything, and one of the best double A-sides ever (with ‘Penny Lane.’) Odd that it ‘only reached no.2, held off no.1 by Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘Please Release Me.’ An even bigger injustice than Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’ being held off the top spot by ‘Shaddup Your Face’.

Hey ho…