17 Seconds’ Fifth Birthday!


Yours truly DJing at PinUps in Glasgow, 2010.

Still here!

Yup, five years after my first tentative post, 17 Seconds is five years old.

In that time, I’ve been able to contribute articles to other publications (including Voucher Codes’ Most wanted, The List and Is This Music?). I’ve been able to DJ, been involved in gig promoting, interviewed mlots of artists and had my own show on Fresh Air, the local student radio station. Oh, and doing 17 Seconds Records. This has seen me put out quite a few singles, EPs and albums. The thrill of holding a 7″ single or album you have put out (or seeing it on download services), hearing it on the radio, reviewed…STILL hasn’t worn off.

So thanks everyone for their support so far. Comments always welcome.

Above all, love and big, big gratitude to my wonderful wife, Mrs. 17 Seconds, who I celebrated four years of marriage with yesterday.

The Cure -‘Seventeen Seconds.’ mp3