1954 hail from San Diego, California. Which is perhaps funny, given that they sound far more British than a lot of British bands. I particularly hear Blur and Bloc Party, and also a hint of the Klaxons. The vocals are a tad weird, but this is not necessarily a bad thing (Celine Dion might be a technically a better singer than Shane MacGowan, but who would you rather listen to? Exactly). They sound like more youngsters having a fantastic time, creating a riot of noise, guaranteed to annoy boring grown-ups. This is, naturally, a very good thing.

They are currently unsigned, but – as is the case in this day and age- They have five songs up on their MySpace, of which I present two for you here:

1954 -‘The Soap Opera.’ mp3

1954 -‘Fairytales.’ mp3

If you like these, go along to their MySpace, where you can download more tracks and make friends with them. As ever, please let me know what you think, as well as downloading the music.