A round up of some great new Scottish music


Just as it says on the tin, folks. The fact that I’m doing this together should not be taken as me trying to do the bands concerned down by featuring them together, but rather that I’m trying to spread the word.

X-Lion Tamer you almost certainly know by now. He did a session for Vic Galloway on Radio One the other night, including three of his own songs and a cover of ‘Starsign’ by Teenage Fanclub. Like all the best acts, the three songs of his own that Tony plays ‘I Sais Stop’ ‘Neon Hearts’ and ‘Life Support Machine’ are hugely diffreent to what they sound like on his EP. Peenko Blog are hosting it here:

X-Lion Tamer on Peenko blog

I’ve featured Mitchell Museum on here before. They are soon to release their debut album The Peters Port Memorial Service and are giving away some older stuff for free, six tracks in all, via their Bandcamp page. This six track EP is called ‘We Lost First Prize.’

Go here!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Annie Stevenson, who have now made their demo available to download for free from their Last FM page. Four tracks in all, and very good it is too!

Annie Stevenson’s Last FM page

Galleries were also played on Vic Galloway the other night, and if you haven’t downloaded their free EP shame on you!

Go here

Oliver Stays are a new band formed from the ashes of Jocasta Sleeps, Drive-By Argument and Atlas Skye. They’ve only been together since November but their myspace shows that this is a band with promise, make sure you hear them now! Jim over at Aye Tunes is also championing them.

Oliver Stays’ myspace

The Kays Lavelle are soon to release their debut album – entitled Be Still This Gentle Morning – this track is available as a free download and it’s ace. One of my favourite tracks this year. As John Peel used to say, ‘this track fades in slowly.’

The Kays Lavelle -‘The Hours.’ mp3

Thanks due to Aye Tunes, Peenko and Song, By Toad for all keeping me on my toes when it comes to new scottish music!

Presenting…Annie Stevenson


Annie Stevenson is, firstly, not a female singer, but a band, made up of four lads from Glasgow.

Their myspace doesn’t give much away – not even who is in the band or their influences. However, listening to their myspace songs suggests these young men have a bright future ahead of them. Even better, I get the distinct impression that they may understand that Definitely Maybe and The Stone Roses are not the be-all and end-all of indie music. Thank God. And any band who can write such a nihilistic lyric as ‘I’m an atheist because the Bible is too long’ have gotta be going places.

They’ve graciously given me an mp3 to put up, and are continuing to work on new stuff. With upcoming gigs in Bathgate (Harleys, January 29), Edinburgh (Whistle Binkies, February 12) and Glasgow (Box, February 20), plus an upcoming session for Leith Radio the future looks bright.

Catch ’em now and say you saw ’em first.

Annie Stevenson -‘Freedom Town.’ mp3

Pop along and make friends at their myspace page.