Presenting…Atlas Genius


Atlas Genius are a duo, of two brothers from Adelaide, Australia: Keith (vocals and guitars) and Michael Jeffery (drums). While most bands end up in the studio after having gigged for a while, in their case they seem to have done things a little differently. They built their own studio where they could write and record music for their newly formed band 3 years before they even played their first live show as Atlas Genius.

And this week, their first album When It Was Now, has been released in the UK. It dropped into the 17 Seconds inbox last night and the tracks that I have heard so far are mighty fine. The weather in Scotland may still be positively wintry (I mean, dammit, it’s only halfway through May) but when you hear their music, it feels like Spring and Summer are with you.

There’s no UK dates that I can see as yet, but here’s a couple of tracks to whet your appetite.

‘Centered On You’


Meanwhile, unless you’ve no interest in modern music and/or have been under a rock for the last month, you’ll know that Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky from their forthcoming album Random Access Memories is pretty much unavoidable right now.

And a cover of the XX’s ‘Islands’ to whet your appetite yet further!