Presenting…Baby Strange


Just what is it about three-pieces?

Glasgow’s Baby Strange are Johnny Madden (guitar and vocals) and the McCann brothers Connaire (drums) drums and Aidan (bass). They formed in Glasgow only last year and the wave of publicity surrounding these three is building. On the basis of the tunes so far, that’s entirely justified. They take a love of bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and thumb their noses at bands they perceive have ripped off Biffy Clyro (at least , according to this week’s NME).

They released a single ‘Pure Evil’ earlier this year (find it on iTunes) and will release the follow up ‘Friend’ on September 9.

Baby Strange -‘Pure Evil.’

Here is the video:

Baby Strange -‘Friend.’

Here is the video:

Turn it up and play it LOUD!
Three is the magic number, still, it would seem…