Gig review: Flogging Molly/The Bronx

Flogging Molly/The Bronx

Glasgow 02 Academy, December 5, 2018

I’d been really looking forward to this gig for months…

Somehow, a whole variety of things conspired to make it feel like a disappointment twenty-four hours later, and a mood that hasn’t yet lifted. The weather coming over from Edinburgh was poor, and we ended up missing not one but two support acts. The Bronx did at least wait until we had arrived until coming on stage (editor’s note: this may not be *strictly* true) and whilst unfamiliar with their music, they delivered a lively show. The sound over the course of the gig in the venue was not great, so I’m not sure what words I could make out (other than ‘fuck’) but having initially been sceptical I felt myself won over by the end of the set. As in: yes, I’ll investigate these guys further. (Their album from 2003 is rather good.) Feeling deafened even with earplugs in I couldn’t even trying and make notes on my phone to google afterwards, but what can I say about the band? Well, in the best possible way, there was feedback worthy of the Jesus and Mary Chain, aggression worthy of Motorhead, and if I hadn’t given up moshing after a set from Cypress Hill (sadly eighteen years ago, rather than an appearance in Glasgow earlier in the week) I would have loved to have got in there.

Somehow, the headliners’ set left me deflated. I’m still not entirely sure why. The black dog descended, and somehow there wasn’t the emotional connection to the band that I’d thought there would be after hearing them on record. Sure they played ‘Drunken Lullabies’ but the atmosphere seemed far from fun for me. The tour seemed to be a package about promoting alcohol and a venue that seemed to be too full meant that there was nowhere to stand without getting in the way of people in search of yet more booze. It would be nice if venues would stop selling booze whilst bands are on ( – and if you can’t get through a set without needing more alcohol then you need to talk to someone).¬†However, everyone else seemed to be having a great time, so maybe I was the party pooper.

The motorway closure and attendant diversion on the way home pretty much put the seal on the night. Hey ho.

I’d been looking forward to this gig for months…

*yes, really. I do wear earplugs to gigs, after a performance from Godspeed You Black Emperor! a few years ago in Edinburgh was so loud, we had to leave.