Georgia on his mind


From English road songs, to the US of A.

Ameirca has so many songs about various places there. I’m not sure how Sufjan Stevens campaign to do an album for each of the states is going (Has he got beyond doing Illinois and Michigan?), but there’s Michelle Shocked’s ‘Anchorage’; the Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls’; ‘New York New York’ by Ryan Adams. In contrast, not really sure what the UK has outside of songs about London. ‘The Lincolnshire poacher’ anyone?

Just me, then.

‘Eton Rifles’ by the Jam? Stretching it -but it rules.

Anyway, Ray Charles’ ‘Georgia On My Mind’ is an absolute classic -and another ace song doing the rounds of the blogs at the moment is ‘Georgia’ by Cee-Lo Green. Of course you recognise the voice -he sang on the Gnarls Barkley record, duh! And ‘Crazy’ was so obviously one of the songs of the last decade.

Anyway…I think this is ace:

Cee-Lo -‘Georgia.’ mp3