The continuing adventures of Thurston Moore


Thurston Moore is 54 today. He is currently touring in support of his latest solo album, Demolished Thoughts, which is a very fine album indeed. And while many of us sit and wonder whether Sonic Youth will ever play together again, now that he and Kim Gordon have split up, he has formed a new band called Chelsea Light Moving. As well as our hero, the band consists of Keith Wood (guitar), Samara Lubelski (bass) and John Moloney (drums).

They have put out a new song today, which can be downloaded for free, entitled ‘Frank O’Hara Hit.’

Chelsea Light Moving -‘Frank O’Hara Hit.’ mp3

There’s a couple more free songs that they have made available for free download via the Matablog:

Chelsea Light Morning -‘Groovy and Linda.’ mp3

Chelsea Light Morning -‘Burroughs.’ mp3 (Of course it’s about the late William S, what did you expect?!)

More info over at the Matablog