Album Review: The Coronas


The Coronas -‘Closer To You’

Over in Ireland, Dublin’s Coronas have certainly made their mark. A platinum-selling band in Ireland, they are apparently the biggest selling independent artist in Ireland and beat U2, The Script and Snow Patrol to the best album in the Meteor Awards in 2010 with their debut album Tony Was An Ex Con.

Fair play to ’em. Closer To You is a pleasant enough album, and it’s easy to see how they would go down well at festivals. It’s not particularly anything these ears haven’t heard before, and that may prove to be their stumbling block, that in an already over-crowded market, there’s not a lot here that really sets tyhem apart from their peers.

That said, there’s some strong tunes here in ‘Blind Will Lead The Blind’ and the album’s title track. It is more than an average album -but it needs something else to truly stick.


Closer To You is out on May 28.

More new music for the weekend


I’d idly flicked through my 7digital mailing to discover three tracks that they were giving away. I rather like these three and wondered what you thought…

First up, I Monster. I always associate these guys with that rather wonderful ‘Daydream In Blue’ which is now eight years ago. This sounds like Blur jamming with Beck in the late sixties…

I Monster -‘She’s Giving Me the Eye.’ mp3 (from their new album A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars.

Next, Black Lips are one of those blogger-appropved bands 9as opposed to Blogger-approved bands) that I always feel like I should be more into. This is endearingly shambolic…like the Vaselines jamming with the Motown house band.

Black Lips -‘I’ll Be With You.’ mp3(from their new album 200 Million Thousand)

I know next to nothing about the Coronas, and guiltily, I assumed they were going to sound like another indie-by-numbers band. Actually, on the evidence of this track at any rate, there’s a little more to them…

The Coronas -‘Take Your Lies.’ mp3

Hope you have a good weekend…