Cut Off Your Hands

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I haven’t been rendered incapable of writing due to alcoholic excess on my birthday (I’ve been dry for nine months now) but being off and a university friend’s wedding. Now back at home, and in front of the computer screen…

These days, the Black Kids seem already to have wound up people, within a few weeks of having played their first gig outside of their regular area. One of the bands getting upset about the Hype is New Zealand’s Cut Off Your Hands, who seem to be generating a fair amount of excitement themselves.

Well, I can’t say if deciding whose side you’re on is going to be 2008’s answer to the Blur v. Oasis battle of 1995, but I think they’re worth all the coverage too.

See what you think, if you haven’t heard them already. Cut Off Your Hands’ mySpace page is here

Cut Off Your hands -‘You And I.’ mp3

Cut Off Your Hands -‘Still Fond.’ mp3

BTW, anyone think the shot at the top is reminiscent of the Stone Roses circa ’89?