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Elf Power -‘Elf Power’ (Orange Twin)

Despite the name, this is not the Athens, Georgia band’s debut album. On the contrary, it is the group’s tenth album in their sixteen year career (not including self-released albums and collaborations). Athens is a town that has a reputation for having produced some of America’s finest acts over the last thirty or so years, and I definitely hear some of the same magic that I hear on early releases from REM and the Indigo Girls flowing through here.

Which is not to criticise the B-52s; rather that this is an album which is gently rocky, and folky, and having been playing this record a lot over the last few weeks, one of the finest this year. Highlights include the opening ‘The Taking Under’ and the heartbreaking ‘Stranger In The Window.’ In fact, if you have any passion for gentle ‘alt-rock’ that is never aggressive nor bland, and indeed at times almost pastoral, you should own this album.

The album is dedicated to the legendary Vic Chesnutt, who was both a collaborator and friend of the band, who died on Christmas Day last year. I believe he would have loved this album; I certainly do.


Elf Power is out now on Orange Twin Records

Elf Power -‘Stranger In The Window.’ mp3

And just for fun – nothing to do with this album whatsoever – a cover version they did of a Jesus and Mary Chain song:

Elf Power -‘Upside Down (Jesus and Mary Chain cover).’ mp3

Elf Power’s website/Elf Power’s myspace

A song for the end of the weekend


Athens, Georgia has thrown up some very fine bands over the years, most notably REM, but also the B52s (and the Indigo Girls were ‘almost’ part of that scene too). One band that I still kinda mean to check out that I’m really lagging behind on is Elf Power.

I’ve heard bits of their stuff other the years, but on the basis of this track, taken from their forthcoming self-titled album (which is, umm, their tenth in sixteen years MUST TRY HARDER!!) I will be diving deep into their back catalogue.

See what you think. And I’m more than likely to be giving this a spin on my radio show this Thursday.

Stranger in the Window by Deus Ex Machina Publicity

I’ve had a very nice day -and this wraps up my weekend very nicely…

Elf Power website/myspace