Five for Tuesday

My brain is turning to mush. This picture above has very little to do with anything, other than I put ‘Tuesday’ into Google Image and this was one that it came up with…

I was trying to think of a theme for a post today, but then I thought: Sod it, let’s give ’em five tracks. If you like them, do leave some feedback, my bandwith is certainly disappearing at a fast rate of knots, but it would be nice to have some comments on here.

These first two tracks are from bands I know nothing about (info gratefully received etc..) but I think they’re excellent:

Dykehouse -‘Chainsmoking.’ mp3

The Fitness -‘Chauffeur.’ mp3

I’m no expert on house music, but even I know this is regarded as being pretty seminal. And covered by the X-Vectors as well…

Frankie Knuckles -‘Your Love.’ mp3

This track features the vocals of my all-time hero Robert Smith:

Paul Hartnoll -‘Please (featuring Robert Smith).’ mp3

And finally, a song still sounding astonishing nearly thirty years later:

The Pop Group -‘She Is Beyond Good And Evil.’ mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, go and seek the artists out, at your local independent record shop!

If I Had a Club Night

a da da da da da-da-da-da-da-da- da!

Oh sorry, got a bit lost there. It’s been a busy few days, what with being signed back on by the Doctor (so back to school for me in a couple of days), trying to tidy the flat (a Painting a very big bridge kind of job) and doing more wedding preparation with the soon to be Mrs. 17 seconds.

I guess we’re a bit tired rather than too old to go clubbing, but I got to thinking about the days when I DJed (and who knows, I may do again *wishful thinking*) so i was thinking about tracks I might like to play. And – this is for you Rick, if you’re reading – some of these tracks you can dance to!!

Obviously, I would play some tracks that aren’t a few years old, as well as some that are decades older, but here are a few, partioularly from the days when the re-emergence of ‘post-punk’ type stuff was floating my boat, blogging was in its infancy and The Arcade Fire and the Shins were pretty much only known to those who read the blogs. How times change…but some of these tracks are very much likely to make it into my list of best tracks of the noughties.

The Faint -‘Agenda Suicide.’ mp3

The Faint -‘Worked Up So Sexual.’ mp3

Fitness -‘Chauffeur.’ mp3

Juan Maclean -‘By the Time I Get To Venus.’ mp3

Radio 4 -‘Dance To The Underground.’ mp3

The Rapture -‘House Of Jealous Lovers.’ mp3

Links removed April 21.

As always, if you like the tracks, support the artists by buying the bands’ music, whether at iTunes, Amazon or your local independent store.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, the jock’n’roll poll is up and running!