Presenting…Frank’s Daughter


Sometimes I wonder how much of these press releases are really true or not.

‘Frank’s Daughter are Frank (vocals, guitar, keys) and Arthur (guitar, bass, programming), two British musicians who found themselves working in New York in the late noughties.’ (OK, this I can understand).

The idea for Frank’s Daughter was born in a Brooklyn bar over several bottles of red wine and many, many whiskies. (Like thinking you have a daughter? Riiight.) The duo returned to London, but finding the urban environment uninspiring, they relocated to an out of season alpine hotel, taking a van full of recording equipment. There, they spent two months in total isolation, returning with a stack of songs that were finished in their Deptford studio. (So…The Shining meets Straw Dogs. Possibly inspiring, but bloody terrifying). These desolately exquisite songs form ‘The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling’, Frank’s Daughter’s debut album [The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling] to be released in May. (I hope this bit is true, the track is great):

(suggestions that it references Talk Talk, Kate Bush and Aphex Twin are very accurate)

This is NOT the official video, but a viral one they have done. Liking this…