Presenting…The Garlands


Now, normally, I’d be looking for a bit more information on a band, but The Garlands’ lovely record company did try (Big Pink Cake Records, google it), and the song was so lovely and such a pefect example of c-86ness that I couldn’t not post their song.

What I do know is this:

Swedish band The Garlands were formed in 2007 by Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson (previously of Free Loan Investments, Happy Birthdays, Nixon, Cloetta Paris etc.). They discovered that they shared the same passion for indiepop in the style of Heavenly, Go Sailor! and Talulah Gosh, and started writing songs. Since 2007, The Garlands have releases on labels Cosy Recordings, Cloudberry Records and Atomic Beat Records. Since 2010 The Garlands have also a live band, which consists of Christin Wolderth, Maria Petersson, Einar Ekström, Patrik Lindgren and Robert Klaesson.

‘You Never Notice Me’ was written in 2007 and was the very first song the Garlands wrote, but have only existed in demo versions and have not been released until now, along with ‘Continue’, which was written in 2010. Both songs are written by Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson, Recorded by Roger Gunnarsson and The Garlands, mixed and produced by Einar Ekström in Stockholm in 2011.

They have changed their drummer recently, and there are no photos to use, but just take this track and listen to its’ sheer indie-pop perfection!

Stream more tracks at their myspace