Album Review: Gaz Coombes


Gaz Coombes Presents ‘Here Come The Bombs’ (EMI)

From the opening notes of his first solo album, it is clear that this is not simply Supergrass part II. Whilst Gaz Coombes hasn’t (thankfully) gone all weird on us, there is clearly a desire to explore and experiment here. However, thankfully, this is matched with his still very impressive way with a song. It’s perhaps a more investigative approach than the five albums he made as frontman with Supergrass.

A song like ‘Universal Cinema’ probably sums up the album best. It’s strong enough as a song in its own right, but the way our hero has approached it there is something more atmospheric and textured (for want of a better word), showing the skill at work here.

With other excellent tracks like ‘Whore’ and the single ‘Hot Fruit’ amongst a very impressive whole, this adds up to a rather fine album. Sure, I was interested because I loved (and still love Supergrass) -and let’s face it, most people will come to it wiith a knowledge of his former band. But even putting that aside, there is something very rewarding and intriguing here.

Definitely worth your time and money.

Here Come The Bombs is out now on EMI
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