Album Review: Gyratory System

Gyratory System

Gyratory System -‘Utility Music.’ (Soft Bodies)

Their name might sound like a workout programme from a gym (not that I would know, mind you), but London three-piece Gyratory System are a rather fine act, specialising in pretty damn brilliant electronica.

The flavour here is influenced by the more electronic end of 1970s krautrock (because German progressive rock is so far away from what this actually is), thinking of bands like Neu! and of course, Kraftwerk, but it manages to have a contemporary feel, so that this is not an exercise is backward-sounding behaviour. THere are still, bizarrely some people who find electronic music rather cold -have they never heard the original music to Dr. Who? – but this manages to be gently bonkers and yet warm and cuddly.

As is the case with albums of this sort, it works best as a whole, rather than any one track particularly standing out. It would certainly make for a great travel album, so if you’re heading somewhere make sure you’ve got this on your headphones.


Utlity Music is out on Soft Bodies on January 13.