Christmas Posts 2017 part 7 – Holy Moly & the Crackers

The painfully slow-running of this computer would drive me to drink had I not given up many years ago.

So tonight’s post is a bit shorter than it might otherwise have been.

Holy Moly and the Crackers released a wonderful album a few months back called Salem, which you should check out below:

They have also released a Christmas tune entitled ‘Punch Drunk Christmas Eve’ which you can stream at the top of the page. It’s a great introduction to the band if you haven’t checked them out already. It’s great to have new tracks to add to the Christmas arsenal, rather than just the familiar favourites.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to lie down in a darkened room for a bit…


Presenting…Holy Moly & the Crackers

As always, the sheer amount of submissions in the inbox overwhelms me.

But a few weeks ago, I got a an email asking about premiering the new album from Holy Moly and the Crackers. The band were a new name to me – but once I’d heard it, I was glad I had listened. They describe themselves as Gypsy folk-rock and they’ve delieverd a solid four star album with a pretty distinctive sound.

I wrote a piece premiering the album Salem over at God Is In The TV, which you can check out by following here.

In case you need your appetite wheting, here are some of the videos: