Presenting…Julia and the Doogans


I’ve been meaning to write about Julia and the Doogans for a little while now, and I’ve finally sat down and got round to doing it. They’re due to be releasing an EP in the spring, and the Glasgow band doing a rather fine line in acoustic pop. Think the missing link between Belle and Sebastian and Virginia Astley. Hell, if they were a food, you’d say they were ‘more-ish.’ As I: once you’ve tasted, you want more.

What can I say about Julia and the Doogans? Well, they might well be the perfect Sunday band. Gentle, laid back, and giving you something to think about and get away from the pressures of life. they make music for people to dream to. They consist of Julia (Vocals, guitar, banjo, flute), Alan (guitar, vocals), Renata (‘Cello), Carollann (flute), and Jennifer (piano). so I’m sort of guessing they don’t do surnames.

They’re playing lots around Scotland (see their myspace), particularly around Glasgow, but also taking in Ayr, Stirling, Inverness and Bathgate – though seemingly not Edinburgh in the forseeable future. Their best song might well be ‘New York City’ which isn’t a download but they have made a very cool animated video for. And you can download two tracks called ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Glasgow.’

Julia and the Doogans -‘Hummingbird.’ mp3

Julia and the Doogans -‘Glasgow.’ mp3

Julia and the Doogans -‘New York City.’

Pop along and make friends at their myspace. They don’t seem like the sort of folks that will bite.