Track of the day #51: Justin Levinson

It’s cold in most of the northern hemisphere, and summer feels so far away. It might be a gamble to release a record that sounds so summery – but Justin Levinson has done that and released an absolute gem.

Having released his fourth album Yes Man in 2015, he has released the gorgeous ‘I’ll Make It In Hollywood.’ This is a single that deserves your attention. It’s sure as hell got mine.As in: I like the single, I’ve gone to investigate further.

According to the press release: “I really wanted to release a bright/ beachy summery track at the beginning of the year,” Justin explains. “Like the previous record, we kept a lot of the ’60s pop inspired sound… big vocal arrangements, wurly and mellotron. Though the song may appear to be about a fella who is quite confident he’s going to hit the big time in Hollywood, there is actually a bit of a subtle cynical undertone. I tried to tap into some of the hardship creatives go through in a lighthearted manner.”

Beach Boys meets the Carpenters? Could be. Or Ben olds if he’d been more in thrall to sixties baroque pop but kept his sense of sarcasm. It’s 1965-1975 distilled, beauty and cynicism at the same time, to produce a brilliant pop record that I can’t stop playing.