It’s funny, all these years later, there are still a handful of independent labels that will come up with something new, and I’ll feel that I have to check it out because of the label concerned. And top of that list for me is still 4AD.

Lo-Fang is the work of LA-based musician and producer Matthew Hamerlein. He’s due to release his debut album next week,entitled Blue Film. His work has been described as being ‘electronic torch song’ and it seems like an accurate description for the music of these two tracks ‘When We’re Fire’ and ‘Look Away’ (do watch the videos as well as listening to the tracks).

The album was written and recorded during his world travels everywhere from a farmhouse in Maryland to a hotel in Cambodia to studios in London and Nashville, and was completed at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. I’m just about to check it out, the final thirty seconds of ‘Look Away’ took me by surprise in the very nicest way…

Stream the album in its entirety here