What’s happening at Song, By Toad Records?


Matthew Young writes one of the best-regarded mp3 blogs around, in Song, By Toad. He also runs a fine label, Song, By Toad Records and since we met at a Camera Obscura gig in 2007, we have been pretty supportive of each other’s blogging and record shananigans.

So, I feel rather ashamed that I haven’t covered his most recent releases over the last couple of months in more detail, and whilst this post is not a full review (these will come, promise), this is a guide to what he and his artists are up to. (This post does not cover the excellent Jesus H. Foxx, but as I reviewed their gig from last week, hopefully that won’t matter).

Maxwell Panther 3

Maxwell Panther is a singer-songwriter whose music has been described by Toad as sounding ‘Rough as a bear’s arse’ so if you are expecting Mike Oldfield type stuff, you will be disappointed (It is also debatable, however, whether you have anything to contribute to the world other than one day becoming fertilizer). His debut album Do You Feel Different Yet? is indeed rough sounding, but that’s part of its’ charm. And the fact that they’re some bloody great songs on it. Like these two:

Maxwell Panther -‘My Ex-Identity.’ mp3

Maxwell Panther -‘Lost Soul On A Roll (That’s Me).’ mp3

Do You Feel Different Yet? is out now


There’s so few bands ever who have sounded like Trips and Falls. that doesn’t matter – because as far as I’m concerned, when you hear their excellent album He Was Such A Quiet Boy you will fall for them hook, line and sinker. And how can you not love a song title like ‘And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants?’

Trips and Falls -‘And In Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants.’ mp3

Trips And Falls -‘How Do You Do…’ mp3

He Was Such A Quiet Boy is out now


Loch Lomond released a split 12″ single with the Builders And Butchers on Song, By Toad Records last year. The Portland, Oregon band are shortly to release an EP on Song, By Toad Records on May 17 entitled Night Bats. Check this out:

Loch Lomond -‘Wax and Wire.’ mp3


Last, but by no means least, the mighty Meursault are to release their hotly anticipated sophomore album on May 24, entitled All Creatures Will Make Merry. I loved their debut Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues and having taken delivery of their new album last night, it looks like lightning might well have struck twice:

Meursault -‘Crank Resolutions.’ mp3

Meursault -‘Sleet.’ mp3

Presenting…Loch Lomond AND The Butchers & The Builders


First of all, many apologies to Matthew over at Song, By Toad for not writing this sooner, but I hope he will forgive me.

Song By Toad’s most recent releases have been on vinyl (lucky man), and these have included two 7″s singles by Meursault (I have no.s 99/500 of both!) and today’s special feature. This is a 12″ single, originally put out in America on Bladen County Records, in Portland, Oregon. It comprises two bands, Loch Lomond and The Builders & the Butchers. Each band do their own unique take on Americana. The orginal release was a couple of years ago, and now Matthew and Kate (or Mr. and Mrs. Toad, to give them their blog names) have re-issued it in the UK with new artwork on 12″ vinyl again, and this time with a free cd-r. Matthew actually gave me a copy of the original American 12″ (despite writing like Genghis Khan he is actually a thoroughly decent human being in person…sorry, did I blow your cover there?!) but I’m sure I’ll go and buy the release anyway.

These new editions are limited to 300, designed by Matthew and coloured in by him and his better three-quarters.

These two bands have produced really great songs on this sorta double EP (well, it’s a split single with four, rather fine tracks each).

Hear them, and go and support a fellow blogger cum record company owner.

Loch Lomond -‘A Field Report.’ mp3

The Builders and The Butchers -‘Vampire Lake.’ mp3

The resepctive myspaces for Loch Lomond and The Butchers and The Builders are here.

To buy it, click here. To buy the meursault 7″s start with Avalanche in Edinburgh.