Getting ready for 2014 part 4

Marissa Nadler

Boston-based singer Marissa Nadler (above) has announced that she will release her sixth album entitled July on February 11.

Before I’d heard a note, I was more than a little intrigued. Firstly, it’s coming out on Bella Union (which is always a mark of quality what with it being ruin by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins). Secondly, it’s produced by Randall Dunn, who’s worked with Southern Lord acts like Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room and Earth.

And the first track to do the rounds ‘Dead City Emily’ is, quite simply beautiful.

Stream it here:

The tracklisting for July is as follows:

1. Drive
2. 1923
3. Firecrackers
4. We Are Coming Back
5. Dead City Emily
6. Was It A Dream
7. I’ve Got Your Name
8. Desire
9. Anyone Else
10. Holiday In
11. Nothing In My Heart