Presenting…Monster Jaw

Monster Jaw

(I’m not going to make excuses about not featuring Monster Jaw, but it’s certainly not their fault I haven’t got round to it before now).

Hailing from Leeds and Bradford, Monster Jaw are Mik Davis (Guitar, Vocals), Neil Short (Bass, Vocals), and Jon Bradford (Drums, Vocals). Roadmanaged by the legendary Joolz Denby (writer, poet, band manager, tattooist and much more), who also does their artwork, they’re working toward their first album, having released a cluster of EPs and singles over the last year.

They have just made this track available as a free download via their soundcloud as of yesterday. According to their facebook page the track ‘Your Day Will Come’ was written and recorded over a 24 hour period and features a unique string arrangement by acclaimed German composer Henning Nugel.

If you like that (and why would you not?) follow this link to their soundcloud page where you can download more of their music.