Get Into (My Teenage) Stride

Yesterday, I had one of those accidentally brilliant moments. I had a free period and was sitting in the staffroom at school, and listening to random stuff on my iPod whilst sorting out various bits of admin.

I don’t remember which blog I downloaded four tracks by My Teenage Stride from, but they have given me a delightful thrill. This Brooklyn band have released three albums so far, and included lots of mp3s on their website and I note that e-music in the UK have them all. Hooray! A band for people who love the Arcade Fire, New Pornographers, and just love great guitar bands, but are maybe looking for something they haven;t heard before.

Their official site is here and their MySpace is here

From Ears Like Golden Bats

My Teenage Stride -‘Ears Like Golden Bats.’ mp3

My Teenage Stride -‘We’ll Meet At Emily’s.’ mp3

My Teenage Stride -‘To Live and Die In the Airport Lounge.’ mp3

My Teenage Stride -‘The Genie Of New Jersey.’ mp3

From Major Major

My Teenage Stride -‘They Are Alone In Their Principles.’ mp3

My Teenage Stride -‘Happy Mondays.’ mp3

From A Sad Cloud

My Teenage Stride -‘Let’s Go To the Firewalk.’ mp3

My Teenage Stride -‘American car.’ mp3

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