Album review – Odonis Odonis


Odonis Odonis -‘Hollandaze.’ (Fat Cat)

Imagine a world in which Lux Interior (RIP) of The Cramps fronted The Pixies in their prime and created a sound designed meet The Birthday Party head on and send The Horrors running back to their Mums in Southend. Welcome to the world of Odonis Odonis.

Hailing from Toronto, the band were originally a solo project for songwriter and bandleader Dean Tzenos, and indeed have only recently become a live band. As you’ve probably worked out by now, the end result is a debut album that sounds wildly, wonderfully, and aggressively raw. Making much garage rock sound overly slick and too-produced by comparison. The term avant-rock (as in almost pre-rock because it sounds so primitive) has been used by some in the past (The Wire magazine actually has an entire section devoted to

…Still on board? Good. Because this is a fantastic record. Whilst there are a couple of tracks where the quality seems to drop a bit and it gets a bit ploddy, overall this is an album which should be heard by all those loooking for people carrying the torch of Raw Power and Psychocandy. It will terrify the life out of some people, and confuse others, and many more will fall for its attitude.

Chosen your side?


Hollandaze is released by Fat Cat on November 7.