More Alex Taylor (and related)

Tonight’s post is courtesy of not one but two 17 Seconds readers. Bernd, thank you for supplying the picture above of Alex Taylor and the cover of motorcycle Boy doing the Velvet underground’s Run Run Run’ and the Shop Assistants doing ‘Respectable’ and yet again, Tom, for supplying the two tracks by One Note Jam. Unless anyone has any info to the contrary, this was the very final record she made, in early 1991, as One Note Jam, who Motorcycle Boy became, split after this, in 1992. I would love to knwo what she’s up to know. In fact, if Motorcycle Boy and/or The Shop Assistants were to reform, I would be one very happy person…

One Note Jam -‘Warp Eight In Electroglide (Only You).’ mp3

One Note Jam -‘Warp Nine In Electroglide (Only You).’ mp3

Motorcycle Boy -‘Run Run Run.’ mp3 (Velvet Underground cover).’ mp3

As a bonus, the very final Shop Assistants track, recorded long after Alex Taylor left, their cover from 1990 of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Respectable.’

Shop Assistants -‘Respectable.’ mp3