Album review – Panico


Panico -‘Kick’ (Chemikal Underground)

Chilean ‘underground post-punk indie band’ Panico (as they seem to be described on numerous websites) have been around for a while now, but this is their first outing on Chemikal Underground.

If the concept of ‘post-punk’ indie now seems a little passe, then more fool you, frankly. Because whilst indie can so often be used as a byword for bland guitar rock (very frustrating for those of us who feel it still means something in 2010), Panico have taken the bull by the horns on their latest album, and basically made a kick-ass record.

Sure, you can tell where their influences might well be – The Rapture pre- ‘House of Jealous Lovers,’ Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and perhaps even Bauhaus’s funkier moments – but this stands up as a record in its’ own right. They’ve played with Franz Ferdinand (Special thanks are offered on the sleeve to Paul, Nick, Alex and Bob) and I hope on the strength of this album they will become known in their own right for being a great band.

‘Reverberation Mambo’ is a track that could tear up discerning dancefloors anywhere but single ‘Bright Lights’ also offers an insight into a band who grasp what might seem visionary and fresh about the early guitar efforts of Bernard Sumner and (whisper it) even The Edge. Yet like any great band, they know where they come from and they set off on their own path.

Funky as anything, cool as Christmas and hopefully not a well-kept secret for much longer, Panico simply rule.


Kick is released on Chemikal Underground on October 11.



Chemikal Underground remain possibly Scotland’s coolest ever record label, and fifteen years on, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Not content to have signed the mighty Found, they have also signed the rather ace Panico.

Panico are based in France – but the band -Eduardo (lead vocals),Carolina (bass, backing vocal), Memo (Lead guitar), Seba and Squatt (drums, turntables) – actually hail from Santiago, Chile. Thy’re just about to release their first album on Chemikal, the awesome Kick, which has been on the stereo here at 17 Seconds towers a fair bit over the last wee while. It was recorded at Govan Town Hall by Paul Savage (Scots producer extraordinaire, co-founder of The Delgados, Chemikal itself and Mr. Emma Pollock) last year.

A full review will follow, in the meantime, enjoy this awesome track from the album, ‘Reverberation Mambo.’

…and here’s a rather cool remix, too:

Panico -‘Reverberation Mambo (Joakim remix).’ mp3