So, just in case you’ve been asleep, today marks the thirtieth anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.

Whilst I’m conscious of Chuck D’s criticisms in ‘Fight the Power’ (that Elvis was a hero to most but he didn’t ‘mean shit’ to him, and accuses Elvis of being a racist), trying to measure the impact of Elvis on popular culture is the sort of thing that documentaries and PhD theses are made of, rather than a few hundred words on a blogger’s site.

So, instead, I humbly offer you my favourite Elvis song, a cover of an Elvis song and a song about his birthplace by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Bono’s poem about Elvis that appeared on U2’s Passengers project Original Soundtracks 1. (I did contemplate posting John Cale’s cover of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ but I’m kinda inclined to agree with the person who described as being like a Gormet Chef trying to cook a cheeseburger.)

So here goes:

Elvis Presley -‘Suspicious Minds.’ mp3

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -‘In the Ghetto (Elvis presley cover).’ mp3

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -‘Tupelo.’ mp3 (the full version)

Passengers -‘Elvis Ate America.’ mp3

You should know the drill by now: Songs up for a week, if you like what you hear, go and buy it, ideally from an independent record shop.