Interview: Peter Parker


The best bands have distinct personalities and the feel of a gang. Even better, they feel like they’ve arrived that way by themselves rather than being put together by a manipulator, sorry, svengali. And that’s the feeling I get from Peter Parker, as I meet them at the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow, before they wander onstage for their single launch.

They are: Roz on vocals and guitar, English teacher by day and glam goddess 24-7; Jane on bass and vocals, sister of John Mckeown from the 1990s and possessor of a wicked sense of humour; drummer Tori who has a mass of gorgeous red hair and is quite quiet in the interview, and guitarist Jeremy, who doesn’t turn up for the interview. They’re friendly and gratfeul for previous coverage I’ve given them, which is always nice.

We start by discussing the new single ‘Swallow The Rockets’ which is their first release as band, though they have all been involved with different acts before, most noticeably Lungleg and Josephine. It’s a classic-sounding debut, getting some great reviews, inclduing The Daily Record. They say proudly that as well as being a download it’s is a limited edition of 500 7″s (and they give me one at the end of the interview. Lovely folks). The b-side ‘Temper Temper’ sounds like it could be an a-side in its’ own right, always the mark of a great singles band.

So, Do they feel part of a scene in Glasgow?

” There’s lots of different scenes in Glasgow,” they point out quite reasonably. They mention a sort of scene around clubs like Stereo and Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s. They speak warmly of Steven McRobbie, the legendary frontman of The Pastels and proprietor of undoubtedly Glasgow’s finest record shop, Monorail. They’ve also been working closely with Erik Sandberg of Wake the President, who runs Lucky Number 9 Records and who have put out the debut single, in conjunction with Say Dirty Records, and Peter Parker have supported them.

Not only that, but for people who clearly acknowledge the importance of The Fire Engines (‘there’d be no Franz Ferdinand without them!’) they’re thrilled that their next single ‘Get Over It’ will be a split single with the Sexual Objects, Chief Fire Engine Davey Henderson’s new band. This will be out before the end of the year.

Though the Glasgow music scenes have clearly helped nurture them, they don’t want to be playing Glasgow too much, and indeed they are due to play seminal London indie night Twee as Fuck before the end of the month. They’ll also be working on their debut album, chuffed to have found a twenty four track studio in Banchory ‘that’s digital but sounds like it’s analogue.’

On stage later they demonstrate a sense of pop fun, along with a glam sensibility. From my notes I’ve written down: Think the Fire Engines meets Sleater-Kinney (only even more fun). Think: how Kenickie might have turned out. ‘Swalow the Rockets’ packs an even mighties punch than it does on vinyl.The aforementioned ‘Temper’ and ‘Black and Blue’ demonstrate that they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves. Most of all, it’s the sheer fun of it all.

Like Peter Parker’s alter ego, there’s something else lurking here. Let’s watch and find out.

‘Swallow The Rockets’ is out now on 7″ single and on download (on both iTunes and eMusic).

They play the Twee As f*ck All dayer in London (July 11)
and the 13th Note, Glasgow with Le Reno Amps and Super Adventure Club on September 24.

Peter Parker -‘Swallow the Rockets.’

Presenting… Peter Parker


I love it when this happens. Seriously.

Three years into blogging, I get quite a few letters/emails/whatever from bands wanting a listen. And I do try and get through it all, and I’m touched when people want me to feature their band. Every so often I pick something I’m even more pleased when people actually leave feedback to say they like it. It happened a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Gothenburg Address.

And now I’m hoping the same will happen with Peter Parker.

The four-piece Glasgow band are set to release their debut single ‘Swallow the Rockets’ on July 6. And I’ve been sent a CD-R but this is a track so good, I’m going to place an advance order. Fronted by Roz Davies (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jane McKeown (vocals, bass), the sister of JOhn from the 1990s, the band are complimented by Tori on drums and Jeremy on vocals and sax. They deliver a great line in glam-stompers that recalls the aforementioned 1990s, the late-lamented The Royal We and I sense a bit of common fround with Isa and the Filthy Tongues. Swallow the Rockets is addictive, and I don’t want to be cured. These guys deserve to do well. Watch them clean up over the next few months.

‘Swallow the Rockets’ will be released on Lucky Number Nine Records/Say Dirty records on July 6.

Peter Parker -‘Swallow The Rockets.’

Peter Parker’s myspace – pop over and make friends with them.