Fifteen Years Ago this weekend

I had a conversation with some former students this afternoon about Glastonbury ’95.

Can’t believe it’s fifteen years ago -because it was a truly awesome weekend, I’d just finished my A-Levels, and after years of being couped up in school I was free.

…and you know why people keep talking about Pulp at Glastonbury in 1995, and Radiohead in 1997?

Because it really was that special. I was there -and it made all the angst of my teenage years almost worth it.

I went home from the fest and passed my driving test, first time ‘n’ all…no mean feat for a dyspraxic.


…hey, if the track below floats your boat, you might like to hear and read some other great stuff over at another blog I co-write along with …sixteen others (at the last count, anyway) called Fun and Heartbreak.

Pulp -‘Common People (Live at Glastonbury ’95.’ mp3

Some covers for Sunday

Alright, so not particularly Sunday related, but a few more covers that I thought I would share with you:

I know I posted an Arcade Fire track yesterday, but I do like this cover of the Talking Heads song from 1983.

Arcade Fire ‘Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)(Talking Heads cover).’ mp3

Having posted a Jose Gonzalez song yesterday, I was reminded by Elizabeth over at The Roaring Machine about this track. And…Why not?

Jose Gonzalez -‘Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover).’ mp3

Driving back from the Glasgow gig last night with the soon to be Mrs. 17 Seconds, and two friends, (see below) one of them, Gordon, said that as an old raver he couldn’t get into The Klaxons. I’m really hoping this will change his mind.

The Klaxons -‘Not Over Yet (Grace cover).’ mp3

I like the Voxtrot bits I have heard so far, but I haven’t heard a huge amount. I like this New Order cover…

Voxtrot -‘Love Vigilantes (New Order cover).’ mp3

I do love Bond films. Octopussy has not dated particularly well, but I do think the title song is underrated (and I would much rather Rita Coolidge singing this, than say Sheena Easton doing ‘For Your Eyes Only’ or Gladys Knight’s Licence To Kill). Here Jarvis and co. work their usual magic.

Pulp -‘All Time High (Rita Coolidge cover).’ mp3

Considering how much of an influence they have been on me, I don’t know why I haven’t posted more Siousxie and the Banshees here. But whatever…here one Britain’s first lady of alternative music and her merry men take on the Beatles.

Siouxsie and the Banshees -‘Helter Skelter (Beatles cover).’ mp3

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend, wherever you may be.If you like these tracks, they will, as ever, only be up for one week only. Remember to support the artists, whether by going to Amazon or iTunes or wherever.

Be good xx

Links removed April 30.