Tonight I’m In The Mood For…


Or at least, Folk Rock type stuff.

Maybe not the stuff I normally post here at 17 Seconds, but as a blogger rather than an editor who has to answer to people…why not?

I’m by no means an authority on this genre (arguably, I’m not an authority on any genre) but this seems to fit with what I want to listen to tonight).

Fairport Convention -‘A Sailor’s Life.’ mp3

Fairport Convention -‘I’ll Keep It With Mine.’ mp3

Of course, playing Fairport Convention led me to someone I love, even though I’m far from an authority on his very wide body of work: Richard Thompson. As well as his solo work, and being guitarist for Fairport Convention in the sixties, Thompson also made some damn fine records with his then wife, Linda.

Richard and Linda Thompson -‘Shoot Out The Lights.’ mp3

Richard and Linda Thompson -‘I’ll keep It With Mine (live).’ mp3

And because it kinda fits with what I want to hear tonight, it may be obvious, but why not?

Bob Dylan -‘Like A Rolling Stone.’ mp3

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