Album Review – Seasick Steve


Seasick Steve -‘Sonic Soul Surfer’ (Caroline International)

Although he wasn’t a new name to me, I must confess that this was the first time I’d really sat down and listened to a Seasick Steve album closely. It’s his seventh album, and one that was recorded in his front room.

There’s definitely a blues-americana feeling to most of the proceedings, and I think the up-tempo numbers on here work a lot better than the ballads which are nice enough, if nothing particularly special. ‘Barracuda ’86’ comes on like ZZ Top jamming with Queens of the Stone Age, and album opener ‘Roy’s Gang’ (probably the best song on this album by a er, country mile) has more in common with the likes of Jack White and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club than Americana as it’s normally understood.

Without wishing to make the album sound uneven (because it isn’t), these tracks and ‘Bring It On’ are stronger and perhaps where newcomers like me are best to start. It still makes for a fun listen, overall.


Sonic Soul Surfer is released by Caroline International on March 23.