Presenting…Sex Jams


Some band names are designed to make it easier to look for in the age of Google and Yahoo. (Reportedly that’s why Chvrches are Chvrches and not Churches.) Sex Jams are clearly not remotely interested in whether you feel comfortable looking for their name on internet search engines.

Sex Jams are straight out of Vienna’s throbbing underground DIY scene, even if that’s what the PR sheet tells me. It also tells me that the band are (drum roll please): Katie Trenk (vocals), Peter T. (bass), Wolfgang Möstl (guitar and vocals), Lukas Bauer (guitar) and Rudi Braitenthaller (drums).

They are shortly to release their new single ‘Shark Vs. Apple’ (out on January 14) (click on the link below to download), which is taken from their new album Trouble Honey. Doubtless, there will be those who will try and go on about how this is a sign that the 90s revival is here at last. I don’t give a damn about any revival, what I do hear is a young band, with energy, guts and the ability to write pop songs and make a hell of a racket. All at the same time.

So they didn’t make a tippers list for 2013? Whatever. Listen and then spread the word. You know what to do.